Friday, October 23, 2009

La Takhof wa la tahzan, Innallaha ma'a na.

Hari ni aku rasa sediiiih sangat. I feel very bad. I feel like I need to talk to somebody. But, I have nobody to talk to right now. Why, is it because I'm to bad? I am not a nice person. I feel very lonely.

Yesterday was my pms session with my boss. I have been told to improve in certain areas. Yeah, of course in work related. On this one, I have no problem.... I need to read book and explore more to improve my skill. But the second one is major problem for me... It' s my communication skill. I am quit harsh. I need to be more tactful in my conversation. It sound like I am angry my I express my opinion. ... Argh... I don't know how to solve it. I agree on this 100%. Despite my parent also mentioned to me several times. but I still cannot solve this. That's why I think, I always hurt people's heart. especialy my mom, my dad, my beloved husband, my best friends. How should I solve it? What should I do?

For my mom, my dad, my beloved husband, my friends, I have truly sorry. I never meant to hurt all of you. Please help me to improve my self.

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