Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drapped in Denim.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Oracle has spoken. It’s high time to let the cat out of the bag. The purr-fect theme for our ABA Annual Gala Dinner 2010 is

Draped in Denim

So guys and gal take out ‘em Levi’s, Lee’s and all denim sundry, wear to impress.

I heard someone say Marlboro Country….cowboys you say?………a great idea to start with. Maybe Harley Club……

But it’s all gonna be all up to your creative juices.

So friends the time has come to let our hair down……and party…..

Remember this dinner is for YOU……so rev up that party animal in you and enjoy!!!!

Berikut adalah, e-mail from the committee member. Our annual dinner is just around the corner. Nak cari baju untuk dinner nie. something bertemakan denim.

Erm... nak pakai apa yek?


  1. I like Denim..sbb lebih casual...bleh dinner dgn happy tanpa nak kontrol peyuttt..hhehe