Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Awan dania...

sunyinye malam nie. hubby keje petang lak. Kul 12 mlm br balik. bertambahlah rasa rindu pada anak2.

tak sabar rasanya nak balik Penang. Hari Jumaat public holiday (Sultan Selangor birthday). So, arie khamis aku half day. Yuhuu.... boss dah bagi green light. I'm going back to Penang. Nak try naik firefly lah kali nie. hopefully, ada sit la (maklumlah, stand-by basis). that's why la aku ambik half day leave ari khamis tu, so that aku leh catch early flight. Kalau after ofis hour takut takde sit lak nnt. Apa-apa pun good luck for me.

Info of ATR72-500

The aircraft design is inspired from a high-wing, twin turboprop aircraft optimized right from the start for efficiency, operating flexibility and passenger comfort.

The operational weights comply with the new regulations increasing the standard passenger weight and provide the ATR 72-500 with a maximum range of 890 Nm or an out and return trip of 420 Nm (without refueling), both being at full passenger payload. The ATR 72 secondary structures are extensively made of corrosion-resistant composite material. In addition, the ATR 72 innovates by the use of carbon fiber for its outer wings and a composite tail, thus reducing weight further.

One of the current and future challenges faced by airlines is controlling fuel costs. ATR offers the best solution for regional transport aircraft. This success is a tribute to the talent of a company that continuously strives for excellence in a never-ending quest for improvement and innovation.

ATR 72-500 Specifications
PerformanceMax cruising speed (TAS) – 275 knots (510 km/hour) at:
97% MTOW
5,180 m (17,000 ft)
Economical cruising speed – n/a
Max operating altitude – 25000 ft
WeightsMax Take Off Weight - 22,800 kg (50,265lb)
Power plants2 x PW127M engines
Hamilton Standard 568F, 6-bladed propeller, specially optimized for low cabin noise in climb and cruise, and low vibration
DimensionsWing Span – 27.050 m (88 ft 9 in)
Length – 27.166 m (89 ft 1.5 in)
Height – 7.650 m ( 25ft 1 in)
Wing Area – 61 m2 (656.6 sq.ft)
CapacityCrew – 2 x Pilot & 2 x Cabin Crew
Seating – 72 pax

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  1. semoga akak cepat2 jumpa anak2x ye..mesti rindu sakan nie...suke tgk muke anak ppuan kak...comel