Monday, November 22, 2010

Miss you kids

Mama miss both of you very much. I feel so lonely. But mama cannot do much, have to sacrifies a little bit for a person called mother. She's your grandmother. She also needs both of you kids. She loves you and miss you so much. Lets share the love together.
Adam and maisarah, please behave yourselves wherever you go. Everybody will love you if you bahave and do well.
Mama can't wait to meet both of you. I start to count the day. It's going to be 11 more days.
Mama heard that maisarah is not feeling weel. She caught in cold and cough. Do take medicine well as grandma gives you. Take care youselves.
Adam, how do you do? Sound very happy there. take care of yourselves also boy.
Ahmad Adam Mustaqim & Nur Alya Maisarah, mama loves you and miss you very much.

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